Monday, July 21, 2008

Georgia DeLorme Challenge

I completed the Georgia DeLorme Challenge on Friday. It's a geocaching challenge for which you must find at least one cache on each page (there are 63) of the DeLorme Georgia atlas. After completing all 63 pages, you are given the coordinates for the final cache. And for those who don't know what geocaching is, more on that later. Here is my log for the Challenge final cache:

This experience can't be summed up in a few paragraphs, but here goes:

This has been an amazing journey - I loved seeing parts of the state that I had never been to, even though I'm a native. Some highlights: Jimmy Carter's boyhood home, several cool covered bridges, the town of St. Marys, cemeteries, forts, swamps, mountains, beaches - too much cool stuff. I particularly enjoyed getting my final page by visiting St. Simons Island, where I had not been for thirty years.

And for me, barbecue was an important part of the journey. I revisited Fincher's in Macon, Old Clinton in Gray, Richardson's in Iron City, and Fresh Air in Jackson. And I finally got to try The Pig in Waycross (strange sauce!) and The Ga. Pig in Brunswick (now one of my favorites). Unfortunately, I waited too long to try C.H. Mitchell's in Valdosta - when I pulled into the parking lot, they were hauling out the furnishings and equipment.

The final today was worthy of the entire challenge - a great area of the state I had not previously visited. I found a couple of the nearby caches first, then headed to this one to make it find #1300. I spotted the old container first, then the new one. How did the logbook survive the fire? Really enjoyed reading the log entries; took a Smiling in Acworth pathtag and left gold and silver Professor Shorthair coins.

Thanks to AB4N for setting this up and to Thorny1 for maintaining it. And thanks to everyone who hid caches throughout the state for us to find, particularly Owl, who filled in several cacheless pages. Thanks for this great experience.

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