Thursday, September 25, 2008

2%, blowing with the breeze

My last post, about politics, was depressing, poorly written, and logically faulty. So I deleted it. Not that anybody complained; I just didn't like it. I'll just ask one more depressing question about politics, then go back to writing about music and books that nobody else cares about.

Okay, if (to simplify) 49% of American voters are on the left and 49% are on the right, who are the remaining 2%? Who are these people who swing the polls to McCain after he picks Pistol-Packin' Palin as his running mate and swing the polls back to Obama when the price of gas goes up 50 cents? Who has so few convictions that they can be swayed so easily? And are these the people who will decide the future of our country?

How depressing.

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