Saturday, October 4, 2008

48 hours later

The good thing about being a moody f---* is that, if you have any self-awareness, you know your anxiety or despair will not last. Today I found a geocache, have a full tank of gas, am semi-optimistic about the upcoming election, have finished a new arrangement for the new band****, and have been listening to some great music. In addition, my work email reveals that I am something of a hero to two sets of parents. Yesterday I responded to two kids' craziness and emotional immaturity****** with a level of patience and kindness which I didn't really feel. I guess that's okay, as long as the kids didn't know how exasperated I was with them.

*Not knowing who might read this, I'll be discreet.**

**By the way, that description of me is by my friend Robo. I will, in turn, pay tribute to Rob by using lots of footnotes.***

***Like this one.

****"Ninth Ward Dirge," my Katrina piece. Doesn't every musician who loves New Orleans have a Katrina song?*****

*****I've played this piece with a quartet, but I'm really excited to try it with five horns.

******I mean, I know they're kids, but emotionally they seem to be several years behind what would be expected.

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robo said...

ahem *

* Well done, grasshopper.