Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Short Fable...

...based on the one thing right-wing commentators are still finding to praise about the worst president in modern history.

"Okay, I know that a lot of folks here at this picnic don't agree with the way I've been running things. But I'm the leader of the picnic - the decider, if you will. So before you all go nukeular on me, let me point out one thing. Do you see any ants on our picnic blanket? Nope! In the eight minutes that I've been in charge of this picnic, I've kept it totally safe from ants. You can't argue with that.

Of course, I accomplished this mission by pouring two pounds of sugar on and around our neighbors' picnic blanket. Look at that! Every ant in the park is at their picnic. Their picnic is totally ruined. And, of course, we're out all that sugar. And we've attracted so many ants to that part of the park that nobody's going to be able to picnic there for a long time. And all the other folks in the park hate us.

But do you see any ants on our picnic blanket? Nope!"

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