Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jeffery's Kids' Korner

Hey kids! Here are some fun facts to learn and share!

Did you know...

Most adults are as scared and confused as you are!

There is no such place as Hell! People made it up to control the behavior of others!*

You're going to do lots of stupid things that make your life more difficult!

Most people choose what to believe for bizarre reasons! You might do better forming your beliefs based on reason and evidence! Try it! It's fun!

Most of mankind's creations are pretty crappy! Some are cool, though, like jazz and barbecue!

Lots of people will tell you how to change to become better! They're full of crap! You're better off trying to figure things out for yourself!

If you give money to street people, they might spend it on booze or drugs! That's okay - you should give them money anyway!

You can try being nice to jerks, but they will probably still be jerks!

Okay, kids, that's enough for now! Look for more fun facts later! Now go away and leave me alone!

*This doesn't mean that it's okay to be an asshole, though!


buddy rich said...

i feel like you wrote this entry just for me!

pass the gatorade this way.

robo said...

Working on your end-of-year inspirational lecture, I see.