Monday, September 14, 2009

Wisdom From Jeffery...

...for all the world to read and marvel at....

Music is the healing force of the universe.
Albert Ayler

Music is just a bunch of noise that doesn't mean anything.
Thanks to one of Atlanta's great drummers, John Lewis, for this one.

All the rest are mine.

Ancient bullshit is still bullshit.

Popular bullshit is still bullshit.

Science is a flawed and incomplete means of understanding the world, but at least it knows that.

No musician is self-taught, and all musicians are self-taught.

People are basically good.
People are basically evil.
People are basically indifferent.
All of the above are true.

People instinctively feel that they need enemies. Too bad.

American culture owes so much to the enslavement of West Africans early in our history. This is a hard fact to take on many levels, but it's true.

A generalization: The more sure someone is that he knows what God wants, the nastier, more unpleasant, and downright scary he tends to be.

You work with what you've got - in music and in anything else.


John Lewis said...

I feel honored to be mentioned along with Albert Ayler but Yikes! what will my students think? That quote does however sound like something I might say depending on which way the wind was blowing that day. My first question for Albert would be from what are we being healed, and the second, is it working?

Jeff Crompton said...

Yes, John, you said it, but I hope you don't think I was quoting you as a negative example. I love that quote, and think it's probably closer to "the truth" than Ayler's quote. Music is a bunch of vibrating air molecules and doesn't have any objective meaning - which is why it's such a mysterious force. It makes absolutely no sense that the vibrating air molecules set in motion by the Rebirth Brass Band make me want to dance, and the molecules set in motion by the Eureka Brass Band playing a dirge make me want to cry.