Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alec Wilder in Atlanta

I'm taking a break from folding programs for the Alec Wilder concert I'm presenting this Saturday night. It's a strange thing - like a campaign staff on election night, I suppose. Ben, my bassist and close friend, reminded me the other night that I've been talking about putting on a concert of Wilder's music for 15 years. About three years ago I started to really pin down repertoire and got that great Atlanta clarinetist, Sandy Wade, to agree to perform the Clarinet Sonata. Various obstacles slowed things down for a year or two, but the pace of the planning picked up about a year ago. We started rehearsing about six months ago, with intensive rehearsals for the past three months. Our final rehearsal made me think we timed the pace just right - the music flowed easily, but still seemed fresh. With a little luck, it could be a really good concert.

But two days out, who really knows? And I have no clear picture of how many people might show up to hear us. And in terms of preparation or publicity, there's not a whole lot more that can be done now. It's going to be what it's going to be. But those of you who are close to Atlanta on Saturday, Feb. 6 are urged to drop by the First Existentialist Congregation (The Old Stone Church - 470 Candler Park Drive) at 8:00 for what should be an interesting and unusual concert. You'll hear some of the best musicians in Atlanta (Scott Hooker, Janna Nelson, Sandy Wade, Ben Gettys, Keith Leslie, Dan Clemenz) and me present some of Alec Wilder's greatest pop, jazz, and classical pieces. Bring ten bucks.

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