Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wlder Concert Report

Last Saturday's Evening With Alec Wilder was more to less successful in these aspects:

Audience response: The smallish hall was packed - we had to put out more chairs. The audience was attentive and appreciative - they even laughed or exclaimed at my Alec Wilder stories. The most gratifying aspect of the event was the number of people who came up with some variation of "Thank you for introducing me to Alec Wilder." They even called for an encore. We didn't have anything prepared, but if I had had the presence of mind, we could have played the last two minutes of "All the Cats Join In" again.

Musical quality: Kind of a mixed bag. There were some really good moments, but nerves took their toll to an extent. If we had a couple of more performances, we could really have things smoking. C'est la vie.

Finances: Well, I didn't lose too much money. I wish I could have paid the musicians more, but at least everybody got something. How does anybody make any money promoting good music?

Anyway, the final tally is on the positive side of the ledger, as far as I'm concerned. Maybe we'll make the Atlanta Alec Wilder concert an annual event. In the meantime, there are some pictures - and more importantly, a few mp3 clips from the concert - here. Enjoy.

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